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'Transformative' experienced keynote public speaker, moderator, trainer and lecturer speaking at both 500+ conference halls and intimate 10+ masterclasses.  

All talks are bespoke. Expert in sustainability, marketing, content/creative  and storytelling in a digital world. Current keynotes and biography can be found here:

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"He helped me find my purpose..."

He made an incredible impact at the event as our keynote speaker with his enthusiasm, and ability to tell his story in a way that our audience could relate to and be inspired to impact their own strategies.Hearing Pete speak, and following his career subsequently, has been transformative for me personally. He made me think differently about what the role of a marketer could, and should, be as we look at our role in living and working sustainably. He helped me find my purpose and for that, thank you! Pete is also a really nice guy and like all good leaders, finds time to help and support and advice.

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Jacan Bresson
Telegraph DEN Live

Pete was a fantastic speaker at The Telegraph D.E.N Live event. His presentation on storytelling in the media age was concise, engaging and exactly what we were looking for in the Connected Customer stream of the conference. 


Rebecca McNamara
Global Insight Conferences 

Pete spoke at our Social Media Results Conference & received some fantastic feedback from delegates, who said he was 'engaging, interesting and knowledgeable' & shared 'really interesting insights'. It was fantastic working with Pete at this conference and we hope he will be involved in future GIC events!


Kristin Brewe
Ex Marketing Director,

 Pete's an engaging public speaker and a great strategist -- a pleasure to work with


Dannos Tsakolos

Head of Marketing Week Conferences & Awards

I’ve had the honor to welcome Pete on stage 3 times, in 2 different countries, within the past couple of years. He is a very experienced speaker, who effortlessly combines substance with style thanks to his wit, passion and the actionable information he provides. He always ends up as one of the highly rated speakers in our events and he is a pleasure to work with, therefore I am looking forward to our next collaboration.


Sam Howard

University of Westminster

For the last two years, Pete has very kindly come and talked to our first year students studying for their BA in PR & Advertising at Westminster University. His understanding of the digital space and what this means to companies, agencies and those hoping to work in PR is outstanding. He is an authoritative speaker, but also friendly and very approachable - a highlight of the term.


Incredibly engaging speaker and a key team player that has the vision and business acumen to accomplish his goals, and enjoys having a good time in the process.

- Oisin Lunny, TEDxr, SXSW Advisory Board Member, Event MC


Pete spoke at the Building Brands marketing conference in May this year and was absolutely superb. We had around 300 marketing professionals in the room, and Pete had them gripped with a talk on building your brand in the social media age.

Everyone enjoyed it and got lots out of it. Pete's entertaining, funny, but has a fantastic wealth of knowledge and experience, that the conference attendees really benefitted from. I would have absolutely no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending him to anyone else. Really engaging, interesting and a really good person, on top of his marketing experience and background.

- Dave Briggs, Founder of Building Brands Community


"How to avoid drowning in Greenwash"

Making sustainability pledges is easy, putting them into action and having your customers understand them is the difficult bit. These ten, insanely simple tips will be the Baywatch to your brand, helping you avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing and properly connect your impact positive/'green'/sustainability communications to your audience. 

"Brands for today. Brands for tomorrow. Brands that'll last"

How and why businesses should change their marketing strategy frameworks and

embed social media at the core of all marketing rather than just a channel.

"Telling Stories in the Social Media Age"

How to find what your story truly needs to be and how to tell it with 3i, a new style content strategy. 

"Finding your true You-SP in Customer Experience"

If everyone has the very best customer experience and conversion rates in ecommerce, what makes your experience unique? What makes people fall in love with you and your brand and stop it being a consistently transactional relationship? Find out what it is and how you deliver it from site to product to marketing. 

“Words Matter: Changing your language can impact your bottom line”

How the language we use in social media and in marketing as a whole creates an aggressive, faceless short-termism & how potentially killing off the terms "marketing, advertising, pr" can reinvent what we do & our whole approach.

"What you should’ve done before booking that influencer campaign"
What is ‘Influence’, how you should approach and plan for influencer campaigns & things to watch out for

"Translating TV to Digital: A creative language for online"
Get the most out of your video comms and become a creative director

Find your purpose: Building a ‘for good’ strategy 
Social Media Data & Reporting: Translating likes to relevance
Esports 101



Building Brands 23 (Plymouth)

Digital Trends 23 (Exeter)

Digital Marketing World Forum 22 (London)

Connected Packaging Summit 2021 (Online)

Tech Exeter 2021 (Devon, UK)

Social Media Conference 2021 (Greece)

Social Media Conference 2019 (Athens, Greece)

Think Student Live 2019 (London)

Digital Experience Europe, Game Changers 2019 (London)
#DMWF, Digital Marketing World Forum 2019 (London)
Digital Marketing Solution Summit 2019 (London)
Customer Experience World 2019 (London)

#DMWF, Digital Marketing World Forum 2018 (London)

All Things Facebook and Instagram 2018 (Cyprus)

All Things Facebook and Instagram 2018 (Athens, Greece)

Telegraph DEN Live 2018 (London)

Cutting Edge Marketing & PR Conference 2017 (BOC UK, London)

Social Media Results Conference (Global Insight Conferences, London)

Integrated Live (Amplified, London)

VR World (Nexus Media, London)

Virtual Reality for Global Brands (London Business Conferences, London)

Global Insight Conference (London)

IAB UK - Multiple conferences (London)

CASMA (Hungary and Mexico)

Social Media Academy (London)

Lecturing or guest talks: University of Westminster, University of Greenwich

Reviews: Kogan Books, Fyber

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