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Help ethical and value-driven business drive change in society to forge a better planet because Principles Mean Profit: Profit for animals, for the environment and for your bottom line.

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I live a vegan lifestyle and support vegan businesses, organisations that drive positive change for animal welfare and conservation and businesses that provide credible ethical alternatives to animal products.

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Whether it be fighting plastic in the oceans, destruction of natural habitats and rainforests or air pollution, we need to take dramatic action.  We must support organisations, investors and businesses committed to taking on the responsibility to protect and conserve the environment.

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For the many, not the few isn’t just a political slogan. The most woke generation yet still live in a system where their lives are determined by where they are born in society.

We need to work harder to allow people to flourish regardless of background. I support business and organisations that value opportunity for all in the UK and abroad.

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