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Writing and Creative

Experienced writer of brand stories from visions/missions to

campaign copy advertising scripts.

Creative director and producer of award winning digital and TV content.

Novellist of tech thriller and fantasy fiction.

Wattpad Longlist "Wattys Book of the Year" 

Worked with multiple entertainment and retail brands such as Red Nose Day (live 30 minute warm up, 2017); BAM (TV ad); BLAST esports; BBC hits The Wall, Peaky Blinders, MasterChef, All Together Now, Your Home Made Perfect;Netflix shows such as Interior Design Masters, Channel 4 hits Big Brother and Hunted; and also newspaper The Sun and virtual world Habbo Hotel (award winning campaign).   


BAM - TV & Digital

Script writer and creative director overseeing various ads for TV & digital advertising

The Wall - Digital

Writer, Producer and Director for original digital advertising for BBC primetime hit, The Wall (series 1)

Interior Design Masters,

Peaky Blinders, Big Brother, MasterChef & others - Digital

Creative Director overseeing immensely talented team to launch and create award-winning digital brands around top UK entertainment brands



Student Freddie Abbott is living his best life. Popular, healthy, smart, going places. So when he takes his own life, his family want to know why. Was his death simply a tragic consequence of the pressures of modern life, or was something more sinister at work? Freddie's uncle Ben, a recent divorcee and journalist, sets out into the unfamiliar digital world of another generation to find out. Following his only lead, a card that directs him to a new AI life coach app called #Blessed, Ben begins to live Freddie's life, dropped head first into a world of social media obsession, digital overexposure, torrid romance and a possible government conspiracy. Will #Blessed lead him to Freddie's truth? Or is Ben's new perfect digital life just one more dangerous lie?

Available in paperback or ebook on Amazon or Google.

Thame Series

Book One: The Illumination



The sun dipped behind a cloud and made a mirror of his computer screen. He saw a pair of eyes, his eyes. But they were elongated, angled and a deep, angry red...

Thame is, on the surface, an average guy. Suffocated by the politics of his city job and his increasingly complicated love life, he seeks refuge in his weekend football and the hope that there is, somewhere, something more for him. He has always felt that underneath he is special; destined for greatness.

As his world becomes darker and his frustrations grow, this sense of difference grows more powerful. Daydreams are no longer idle fantasy but visions of a dark history; his reflection in the bathroom mirror is no longer quite... human.

What beast lurks beneath the man? Why is he being watched? And what terrible consequences accompany the fulfilment of his ancient destiny?

Book Two: The Selfless Gene



Trapped in a dank cave with only his bestial inner voice for company, Thame has a choice: deny the creature inside and fester forever in darkness, or embrace his shadowy alter ego Ormr once and for all. But what then? Thame has to break free of his stone prison to seek out and defeat a bloodline that threatens to corrupt the world with the deepest evil. Yet what if the real danger lies outside his own genetics? And what if that peril involves his ex-lover, whose new boyfriend seems suspiciously familiar...

Thame's journey to reclaim his place in the Order and save those he cares for takes him from his Mediterranean imprisonment, deep into the stories of Ormr's shadowy past, to Florida Keys and finally back to Britain.

Here he must face his biggest ordeal yet: the culmination of an ancient vendetta that just got personal.

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